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Petroleum & Natural Gas Exploration

Petroleum & Natural Gas Exploration

All natural hydrocarbons are derived from the decomposition of organic matter.

In petroleum exploration, the objective of experts is to identify petroleum traps. Therefore, petroleum exploration is primarily a geological problem that requires specialized knowledge and techniques. There is no direct method that can show the presence of underground petroleum.

The initial phase of petroleum exploration involves identifying geologically favorable areas where hydrocarbons could potentially exist. The region to be explored for petroleum should primarily consist of sedimentary rocks.

Furthermore, detailed investigations are conducted on the SOURCE ROCK, which is likely to have generated petroleum, the RESERVOIR ROCK where the petroleum can accumulate, the CAP ROCK that seals the reservoir and prevents the petroleum from escaping, and the STRUCTURES created by folds and faults in the Earth's crust.

As KROS, we participate in and provide services in all exploration and development projects in hydrocarbon exploration (geology, geophysics, and reservoir). In Projects;

  • Field Geological Mapping
  • Monitoring of Geothermal/Oil-Natural Gas Wells Evaluation of Well Electric Logs
  • Well Electric Log Correlation
  • Kuyu Elektrik Log Korelasyonu
  • Seismic Interpretation (2D/3D)
  • Three-Dimensional (3D) Reservoir Modeling