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Geothermal energy is the heat energy transported to the surface in the form of hot water, steam, and gases, which contains dissolved minerals, various salts, and gases and has temperatures higher than the regional average atmospheric temperature. This heat energy is generated by the accumulated heat and pressure at various depths in the Earth's crust and is transferred to the surface through underground and surface waters.


Electricity Generation: Geothermal wells are drilled in geothermal fields, and the fluid extracted from these wells is separated into steam and water in separators. The steam is then used to drive turbines connected to generators, producing electrical energy.

Heat Production: Low-temperature, pressure, and flow-rate geothermal sources are utilized for heat production. This includes applications such as greenhouse heating, organic farming, product drying, and meeting regional heat demands.

Thermal Tourism and Health Applications: The use of low-temperature geothermal waters, which can contain beneficial minerals for human health, for therapeutic and health purposes falls under this category.

KROS provides the following services to the geothermal sector:


  • Field Geological Mapping
  • Field Geochemistry (CO2 and Rn Measurement)
  • Well Correlations and Geological Modeling
  • Remote sensing and satellite imagery


  • Gravity and Magnetic Field Measurements
  • Electrical and Electromagnetic Field Measurements (DES and MT)
  • Integrated Geophysical Interpretation
  • Geophysical Program Field Reconnaissance
  • Geophysical Program Design
  • Seismic Reflection Field Work Permits